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We have found that dinners are a great way to meet people easily, so many of our events are dinners at the best restaurants in town.

From Cocktail Tastings to Wine Tastings, Martini Mixers, Indoor Doubles Tennis, Speed Dating and more. We play, we eat, we socialize, we make lots of new friends and yes, sometimes we even play cupid.

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We have been connecting people since 1994 and are responsible for over 350 relationships (that we know of!)

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About Us

Eight Friends out was established in 1994. When our founders decided Houston needed a new way for single people to meet (imagine dating pre-internet)!

Part matchmakers and part event planners, the staff at Eight Friends Out love nothing more than losing members – to each other! Many members meet someone special by their 3rd or 4th event. Nothing beats the personal face-to-face connection.

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Eight Friends Out Success Stories

Hello EFO Team

Karen and I were married on 9/4/2010, followed by a great honeymoon on the Island of St. Lucia. I’ve enclosed a few photos from the wedding at “The Bell Tower”.

Thanks so much for your wonderful organization, I would have never met Karen any other way. Time went by quickly since we first met at the June 2008 progressive dinner. We’ll stop by sometime at one of your dinners to say hello.

Karen & Doug McMullen
May 17th is a day that forever changed our lives because of Eight Friends Out. We never expected to meet the person of our dreams during a “speed dating” event. I was thinking of going to a happy-hour party a friend had scheduled, but decided to stick with my original plan to attend the EFO “rescheduled” event instead. Richard had been asked to attend an event by a member for almost a year, but had been hesitant to socialize in that kind of forum. He told me later that something told him to go ahead and give it a try on May 17th. We now believe it was divine intervention.

Once we finally had our turn to speak to each other at the very end (we both were scheduled last in the rotation), the conversation continued for way more than the allotted 4 minutes. We are now best friends that share so much.

Almost nine months have passed. We have learned our likes, dislikes and the common ground between us that enhances our relationship and continues to make up our daily lives. We found a spiritual love that both of us share and rely on deeply for our moral structure, building a foundation for our future that we feel, will support us and stand the test of time. Our families have come together and have become a very important part of our relationship, especially the mom’s.

We’ve been called the luckiest couple ever to attend an EightFriendsOut event. Neither of us started out that evening thinking we would meet the person of our dreams, but that is exactly what happened. Eight Friends Out offered us that opportunity and we will be forever grateful. So, from the both of us.. “Don’t be afraid to take a chance, that special someone might be closer than you think.”

Richard & Colleen

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